An immortal love story

There is no end to a love story..

I watched a movie today. One that possibly will never die on me and I will watch many times over. It taught me many things. Amongst them one would be the sheer brilliance of ignorance and then the knowledge of a story as spectacular as the one I witnessed, unfolding in front of my eyes. The other and while the movie did not begin its life to teach me this, was the immortality of a love story. I am not very old, I will not submit to know much about the way the mind and the soul works but I do know a couple of things about love. The one thing I know for sure is that no love story is ever over, because while it begins with two people, it doesn’t ever end with them. No love story ever ends until both people, all the emotion in it and everything that was built in the process of that story is ever completely destroyed. Or let’s put it a little more gently, the story is never completely over. If you think back to the many times or the one time you were in love and think of all the circumstances that made it happen, therein, lies your love story.

So think about it. Can you take away the cafe where you had your first date? Can you take away the recipe of that muffin you shared? Can you destroy forever the book or the author over which you bonded? Or could you ever completely ‘un’watch the first movie you watched together? Would they stop making popcorn from tomorrow? Would the roads you walked on or drove on disappear over night? The beaches, the apartments, the petrol bunks, the ice cream carts, the grocery stores, the DJs at the night clubs, the buses you caught, the kisses you kissed, the fights you fought, the dishes you washed together. None of them are gone. Maybe the love has gone but the love story is still very much there. That is the beauty of it and that’s why you may forget the little details or the most important moment, but you cannot possibly forget the entire story.

The movie I watched wasn’t a love story between two people. It was an unconditional belief in the self. A man driven by something very few of us can claim to possess. In this quest of his perfection, I saw what I have been desperately trying to achieve. Both of us (the protagonist and me) have been desperately keeping a story alive. He through his music and me through my writing or it could be my work or even the noisy roads I run on. We are keeping a story alive of something that drives us. Only for us to turn around and return to it some day, stronger and with an obsession that will be undying.

So if you see a friend holding on to something or someone, remember that he is holding on to a story. It could be the most powerful collective of emotions that stitches him together. That every day as he breaks away and ends every element of that story, he is actually beginning a new one. There is no escape from a love story, it is immortal. And maybe in that twisted state lies his purpose in life and that one day he will turn around, dust off the bits and pieces of this story, take a few leafs from it and move on to another.

And maybe that day, you will feel a beginning.

An immortal love story

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