The Playlist – Part IV

‘Why do I need to feel everything you felt? I’m just reporting what you felt and compiling a playlist that seems to define you. Why are you so hell bent on ensuring i’m involved? These journeys down your memory lane are painful at times. It does affect me.’

He looked at me, startled at my outburst and then asked me to hear this. I don’t think I was going to get an answer tonight. What I was surely going to get, was another experience. This time we were in a room with a table, two chairs on one side and one on the other. This was an interview, This was his first job. But for some reason he did not want me to hear his answers so this is how it played out in exactly the order of questions asked:

We required experience for this job, how do you expect to make up for that?

You seem very self assured, yet we know nothing about you? Could you tell us more about yourself?

How can Karma have a role to play with this moment and why are we even talking about it?

I understand that universal brotherhood and the idea of peace can be a hindrance to development, but is that a philosophy you are ready to live with?

Wait, i’m not sure how you are doing this but how is this knowledge going to be of any help in your job?

No , I do not agree with your stance on the unguided notions of modern women in India?

I do not understand the definition of a modern Indian woman!! How can you be so presumptuous?

Mickey Donald was not chauvinistic! Even if he was, how does that support your argument?

Ok, so Disney cartoons were war propaganda, but how can they be used to understand social constructs?

So on that basis, can you guarantee me loyalty?

Gordon Gekko was the grossest representation of greed. Ok yes, he did reek of success too but is that the kind of role model you want to have?

Now come on, there was a stark difference between Gandhi and Bhagat Singh. Do you really not see that?

Yes Paris Hilton can lead. There isn’t any doubt in that and i’m not discriminating but it surely isn’t that black and white. Is it?

But why?

Are you sure?

I see..

Would you like to work for us?

No I still do not see the point of comparing Calvin and Hobbes and Fight Club. Either way, will I see you at work this summer?

Thank you and see you soon. And I can see we will not have a dearth of lunchtime conversations..

I was amazed and could not control a giggle. He was amused too and looked back at me with his usual vacant yet expectant expression.

‘Why did you not allow me to hear the answers?’

‘Well wasn’t it more fun this way?’

I had to agree it was. Only strange thing was, I felt like I kind of knew the answers. More significantly I knew I would have said the same things too..

The Playlist – Part IV

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