The Playlist – Part III

So he took me for a walk one day. He asked me that I should carry my notepad with me and not miss to report a single moment. The song seemed to be truly special this time. He had a smile this time and it felt like a good memory. As we walked he began speaking, but i wasn’t listening. I did mention earlier the common frameworks of thinking we shared, and also similar taste in music. This was one of those days where we synced, maybe a little too more than I had anticipated because I wasn’t with him anymore, I was him now.

‘Do you really think we can make this work?’ She looked at me through those teary eyes and waited for me to answer. I panicked, I thought I was just a spectator and he would come and give the answer, but I was him today. She looked at me and then looked away. My silence was the final nail. She held me, like it was the last time and then changed me forever.

‘You do know right. We will never stop loving each other. We are screwed.’ And then she smiled. 

‘Nothing we do or undo from this moment on will ever change that. We are doomed but in a nice way, trust me. Every time you look back to this moment and curse or thank yourself, just remember that it really doesn’t matter because this moment will now be etched as a reference for you. Forever’

i couldn’t believe she was saying these things. How was she keeping it together? It frightened me!! I got up and walked away wondering why was he smiling when he heard this song considering the memory attached to it. I turned up the volume on the song and she turned away to hide her tears.

As the song got over I was back walking next to him. he looked at my face and smiled.

‘How the hell can you be smiling? I thought this was a happy memory but seeing her face was heartbreaking. What about it makes you so happy?’

‘Well, she was right. And I can’t do anything about it. isn’t that enough to make you smile?’

I could just keep writing..And the mythology of it all began to slowly descend upon me.


The Playlist – Part III

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