Somewhere in the world..

Somewhere in the world she is waking up, putting off that alarm and sitting on the corner of her bed. Waiting, holding her breath. Questioning herself, repeatedly. The same question as she had in her mind last night. She clenches her fist, tighter, stronger. And then, clarity, as she rushes to the train station. She has made up her mind and no cup of coffee, no Powerpoint presentation, no annual bonus is going to stop her this time. She has surrendered herself to the greater conspiracies of desire from somewhere deep down. She begins to run towards the train as the music reaches its crescendo in her head. She had practiced this as she knew this was going to be the toughest part but as she jumps into the train, it all goes blank..She was gone.

He did not know it would begin in a suit, with a glass of cheap rum and the stench of all those nights spent wasting tears on her. He saw the marriage procession walk by and the smiles made him believe again. He did not want the smiles that came from alcohol infused nights and all those banalities that followed evenings spent with people who could not separate their jest from incest. He wanted real joy, full smiles and bright mornings. He wanted to be on the move. He decided to keep it simple as the plan began to take shape. He felt he was part of a movement, little did he know that he was. He began to run. those final steps were the sweetest, because there was gay abandon and an escape. he was gone..

I believe that tonight as I write this someone is leaving it all behind, truly believing that there is something much more believable and palatable than the pointless quest we nonchalantly call life. There is some one refusing to even understand what the ‘status quo’ is, something has clicked deep down within them. Their motivations are different but their prognosis is the same, their cure is the same. They have decided to go find the answers to questions that refuse to even be asked in the world they call their own. Concepts of love, hope, tears of joy and despair are being questioned as you read this. There are people on Google Maps, trains, youth hostels, huts in Pattaya, cycles in Hanoi changing your and my perception towards life. I would like to believe that they are calling out to you, but the truth is it’s only your voice that you cannot hear.

Somewhere in the world..someone is leaving it all behind and starting all over again. Let’s get going!

Somewhere in the world..