The Heartbreak City

All they had ever wanted was lost in this city. But it also began in a cozy apartment in the bylanes of that very comfortable existence they had begun to call home. She always knew she belonged here. In its streets, in its cafes and in its people she found a new destination for her heart. Until she met him. He brought out in her all that she ever believed this world could give her. Together they forged a new destiny.

The city unlike many others was cruel. It chose to show them different paths. It always rained and was cruelly cold. She revelled in it, he fell in love with it. They walked down cobbled paths hiding their love yet finding new meaning in each other. They spent afternoons in each other’s arms and welcomed the rain that never ceased. They walked on bridges looking down on the river, calm at first, rising in intensity in time, like their love. The world admired, envied and prayed it would end. She wanted him more than waking up the next morning. He knew she had become a part of all that was true in him.

The city was always simmering, preparing for that final blow. They could see it coming yet they fought bravely through. She woke up on dark nights next to him with the lightning flashing through the sky and would look at him sleep and wonder if this could last. She wanted to fly and he wanted to fly with her yet they walked hand in hand, always knowing that their flight was set not by the winds of time but by the passion in their eyes. He looked into her eyes and saw the city look back, waiting to pull away. And then the sun would creep out from behind the clouds and warm the inner sanctums of their despair. It would give them hope, a cruel game the city loved playing. Hope.

The city turned its head onto its next victim as they slowly drifted never to be united again. They now walked the same streets in empty imagination. Not wanting to encounter the same sights they walked away, they had walked into the city’s trap. They would count the days before they could leave. They would find solace in the peace of others, knowing that the terror the city had implanted in them would never leave. He waited for it to snap and when he thought it had, he began walking down the same paths they used to traverse. She stood in the corners hoping it would all be right again. The city had pulled the rabbit out of its hat, a mind trick so powerful it began to sap them of their will. Made them believe it was all over.

They would toil away in worlds apart forging new relations and discovering new prayers. They would encounter kinder cities and gentler circumstances but their hearts would be permanently clouded like the dark nights when they would look into each other’s eyes and know it was going to end. They would walk down paths miles away from each, knowing that the path was leading them back to where it all began. The hopefuls looked on in dismay, they prayed for sense to prevail but time had taken its toll and the city was going to be revisited in a maddening frenzy. To find peace, answers and an end.

They would walk down the same cobbled streets, drink coffee in the same cafes. Wait for the other to walk in. They would search vacant eyes around and see themselves in those eyes, knowing fully well the city had taken many more victims. They were not going to lose this time but neither was the city. It brought rain and riots and questioned their commitment. They fought on, making peace with their wait.

As the city started letting up, it made a mistake. It allowed them to meet in the same place they met first. On the banks of the river it prided its presence on, where on many a night they had sat and confessed their love for each other. In those final paces that separated them and their hearts, the city began to exude its strongest weapons. The memories of pain and desolation immediately flooded the lovers, they waded through it all and finally stood just a couple of inches away. They held each other and stared into the other’s eyes. The moment was complete, the journey was over. But the city only grew in strength because as the two lovers embraced each other in what was an everlasting union, in the distance another man looked at her knowing he had lost his love forever…

Heartbreak City had struck again

The Heartbreak City