That strange thing called Love – Part 1

Why do they say that about love? Why is it so strange? After all we all go through it, we all abuse it and we all for sure, move past it. Then what is so unknown and romantic about it all. This is not the slicing and dicing of the beauty of love by a frustrated soul, this is just a simple argument by a person tired with the glorification of what surely is the most over rated emotion in our human repertoire. We fall in love with people, situations, cities, moments, vulnerability, movies and for god sake even with blog posts. Why are we so driven by this continuous need to expose ourselves to a commonly created emotion that is entirely motivated by our inner desire to be accepted?

Aren’t we all just falling prey to popular belief that love conquers all. Only wars and true leadership has conquered all, many will say that these conquests were driven by many stories of love but these countless stories were also driven by a plethora of equally powerful or stronger emotions. We live today in an age where we begin to question love, pray for it and seek it while all the time forgetting that we pass the greatest moments of life in this mundane search for a greater meaning.

Buddha sat under a tree and so did Newton but what they discovered were two very different realisations, one was something very few have attained since then and the other is the one power that governs us all.

The thought above is something we all must ponder on as I believe that in the quest for love, truly and actually we are just trying desperately to discover ourselves. Some people run from love, some people put it on a pedestal and some just lie to themselves knowing it will happen sometime and when it does, they call it ‘true love’. Man was made for greater things and he cannot and should not allow his life be governed by something as banal and pedestrian as an emotion that takes away from him, his sense of gravity and chance at Nirvana…


That strange thing called Love – Part 1