The Chaar Raasta to Hell!!

We as a nation and a people are most possibly standing at a Chaar Rasta to hell or maybe deliverance. The absolute meaning of this desperate rant lies in all your souls but sit back and think about it. Yes, we have had a terrible few months cursing the living daylights out of the damned Commonwealth Games. We sat and cracked jokes and added to the general sense of apathy that seemed to envelope us like a fucking plague. Now we sit and watch it come while we think its going to fail and so does the rest of the world. Even Pakistan had the nerve to raise concerns of the Games village not being upto their ‘high’ standards. A few corrupt unpatriotic dim wits got together and have managed to orchestrate a blasphemy of galactic proportions as we sat watching it unfold through a dog like dedicated media who also sat and watched the disgusting drama play out its part. Why the fuck did we all sit and watch and people like me sat and typed away at their keyboards while an entire nation slowly walked down the path of shamelessness and on the road to hell. Yes fellow country men, as defined in every holy book till now, we as a collective are going to hell. We have let a great nation with unbelievable resources, people and integrity be judged by a bunch of people who hardly have a nation to call their own.

On the other hand we wait with bated breath for a verdict that has managed to defy all sense of logic and that tiny little thing called law. I’m no political commentator but I sure know that this country cares a damn what verdict comes on 30th yet we all need to fear illiterate buffoons getting onto the roads and make a mockery of our judicial system and the substance of this nation. We all will cower in fear and hide in our houses on what is a momentous day in the history of this nation as the greatest trial it has been through shall finally end. Let no bastard tell you that this country is going to the dogs, this country unfortunately has too many dogs taking decisions for it and too many mute spectators letting these fucked up demented monsters carry on with their own definitions of governance. don’t ever tell me that we voted this government in. I didn’t ask for that wretched Kalmadi to rape the dignity of this country and nor have I ever rented a riot like Mr Muthalik. No I didn’t ask for these guys when i voted in a bunch of ministers I thought could change the way things are. They still can and we need to do our bit.

Learn to be proud of the nation you live in you morons. Don’t crib about all that is wrong like I did in the earlier paras. Travel a little outside your city and look at what this country is before you decide its fate. I have seen it blossom and become a power house because I chose to do so. So turn your head out of the shit you decided to put it in and look at the progress we have made and at the fact that a guy like me can type something like this and not have my head chopped off like in some countries who love to wage war with us. We live in difficult times with thankless neighbours who would love to turn the next tragedy into a reason for conflict.

Rise up and be heard you assholes before this country is eaten up by the shallowness in you.

The Chaar Raasta to Hell!!

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